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Social Media Marketing

Find Your Tribe

Social Media is a legitimate and profitable channel to gain new customers and find your tribe—we are referring to your ideal customer who needs and wants your service or product and is happy to tell their friends how awesome you are.

Plans and Calendars

Registered and verified on the top three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) so that your business gets listed and your rankings rise. You can also start accepting customer reviews.

Manage Your Channels

Wrangle your various social networks so your customers stay engaged with your brand, services and products. There’s a lot of work and thought behind every post, tweet, pin and video. We’ll craft a sane method to manage them without overwhelming you.

Refine Your “Voice”

Outline your USP—Unique Selling Proposition—then give your business a voice that matches it. By doing this you will stand out while sounding authentic and approachable. A clearly defined voice is one of the most overlooked qualities of a successful social media marketing plan. Spoiler Alert—we aren’t going to let you skip this part.

Create Shareable Content

Hone in on content that people will want to share. This is not a paint by numbers formula; it requires paying close attention to your customers’ needs, and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, with patience you will start to see a pattern to the style of content your customers want to see and share.