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Local Search Marketing Solutions

Get Ranked Locally

Marketing for local SEO allows you to acquire traffic from the areas closest to you or areas that you choose. This type of marketing can be done organically or via paid search ads.

Local Social Media

Leverage the vast amount of data that channels like Facebook keep on their users. By using this information, you can target your ideal customer via geographically targeted ads. The best thing is, you set the budget. But Facebook is just the tip of the local social media iceberg. Local marketing is exploding and yet few businesses have taken advantage of its potential. Don’t let your competition get there before you do.


Featured in the top online directories like yp.com and yelp. These directories’ listings rank high in search engine results. Many of these directories also have apps that use the same info. It’s another way to ensure your business gets seen by as many people as possible.

Search Engines

Registered and verified on top three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) so that your business gets listed and your rankings rise. You can also start accepting customer reviews which builds trust in your brand.

Community Involvement

Grassroots marketing is still an impactful way to connect with your community. These “cause marketing” efforts can include sponsorships and donations. The more creative and unique the idea, the better. Spread the love and everybody wins.